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Alan I am new to ALC but not new to Church and Church budgets and the little nitties of what hill will I die on and which one I won't. I do not believe in Church superstar pastors but I have an itch I can't scratch. It would seem to me during this present giving challenge it is not the "best" time for George to be away. ALC is not George but the "sheep do hear the shepherd's voice." All the pastor's are good men many will go on to become well seasoned in the teaching pulpit. However I have fears that when any lead Pastor is away attendance drops. Vitality wains. It's another area for the enemy to gain a foothold.. kinda like give me a pass on church it's Super Bowl Sunday. I don't want to dig too deep as I said I am new @ ALC but what worked in the past may need to be readdressed. George needs his focus and refreshing and the Church needs to rise no matter what. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Thanks for being transparent Bob! At Abundant Life we don't believe in superstar pastors either, and George has always held the value that the church's health and longevity should not be dependent on him alone. Great attitude!

George's time away so far has been in preparation for teaching in Uganda, India, and at Abundant Life in the fall. Not a vacation by any means, but needed prep time to do what God has called he and Abundant Life to.

I've learned through the years there is rarely a "best time" for many things. George's trip has been in the works for over a year, and we trust that God will work through Abundant Life here in Happy Valley, Parkrose, Uganda, and India in coming weeks.

Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue to follow Jesus call on us!

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