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I was reminded about paving the way for others as Jonathan and I were hiking down the Larch Mountain trail above Multnomah Falls yesterday. We were both in awe over the fact that there have had to have been countless hours invested by countless people to refine and build the trail. Specifically there is one portion where a retaining wall had been built with rocks under a huge overhanging chunk of rock and along the river flowing into the falls. Without those key people forging and building a path I and hundreds of others hiking yesterday could not have experienced the sheer beauty along that trail in the manner that we are now able.

Alan I think this blog is a great idea! It gives people an opportunity to see what's "under the hood" at ALC. It also provides a place to communicate succinctly a consistent message to a broad audience, especially when you have people repeatedly asking the same questions. This blog could provide a central place to send inquirers when an abbreviated answer is all time will allow during a lobby conversation. Bravo!

I have actually been thinking about this exact concept quite a bit recently. When you live in a rental (house/apt/whatever) you walk this line of deciding how much work you want to do to improve something that really isn't yours. It's shifted my focus from being entirely what I want to do to asking what would be best for my grandparents (aka "the landlord") and future tenants. Whenever I finish a project now (like pressure washing the walkways) I have this moment when I realize how cool it is that I get to do the work and see the results but someday, someone else will get to benefit from it too. It feels so good to be a wise steward with something that ultimately belongs to someone else...

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